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Posted by Michael on Sept. 15, 2011.

We've just uploaded version 1.0 of Coffee Break Hero, our 14 day development sprint to raise money for Child's Play. What a crazy ride it's been - we peaked at 1,100 viewers, freaked out in the middle when the game wasn't fun, and have been sleeping about four hours a night. We wouldn't have missed it for the world. We thank you all very much for your support of Child's Play, with over $7000 in donations raised. If you'd like to know more about events like this in the future, and believe me, there is some cool stuff coming, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or just by signing up for an account on our site! From all of us at Big Block, Hooray!


Posted by Ben on Sept. 13, 2011.

Coffee Breaks? This is not time for breaks! Though it might be time for coffee... yeah, lots of coffee... Welcome to the last 25 (ish, we're losing track of time...) hours of our 2 week sprint! We're officially crossing into the Last Day. This is the Alamo, the Last Chance Saloon, the final mad dash to get the game up and running. Over the last 13 days, arguments have been had, heads have been shaved, people have boggled over the livestream, and we've raised over $6,000 for Child's Play. Now all that's left is making good on the promise or, alternatively, ritual suicide to preserve our honor. If you pop over to the livestream, you'll no doubt be in time to see Paul, Mike, Synty and Andrew complete their spiral into utter madness. Already today, Mike has spent almost ten minutes laughing hysterically at the concept of "sugar." And they're not going to be getting any more sleep until they're done, so it's only going to get worse... This is it, folks. Six people enter, one game leaves. Welcome to Thunderdome.

The forgotten day

Posted by Michael on Sept. 13, 2011.

Oops, we went live with a build yesterday, without even posting about it! Things are getting really crazy around here, with just over 48 hours left to go. It seems we've consistently been about a day behind for the last week - let's hope we can make up some ground today...

The story goes in!

Posted by Michael on Sept. 12, 2011.

We've just had a massive update from our writer, Ben Essex, who's gone on a 72 hour writing binge. Finally, the quests are going to make sense! Other changes like the GUI are progressing well - how far we've come in 10 days! Three and a half days left...

96 Hours To Go

Posted by Michael on Sept. 11, 2011.

New build is up; tons of bugfixes, quest stage additions, proper player deaths. The countdown is officially at 96 hours now. We're in a bit of trouble, to say the least. Join us for the ride as we break down live on the Livestream.

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